The elliptical machine or the treadmill?

If you want a total workout, an elliptical machine will give you just that. This article explains why an elliptical machine is better than a treadmill if you’re looking for a great cardio exercise or to lose weight.

If you’ve never seen an elliptical machine before, you might think that it’s some high tech machine that will be difficult to use. However, an elliptical machine does not look like a complicated machine at all, and neither is it complicated to use. An elliptical machine looks like a cross between a stair stepping machine and a ski machine. It has foot pedals that move up and down in a cyclical motion and handles that move your arms back and forth at the same time. An elliptical machine is not difficult to use; you just get on it and it moves you.

With an elliptical machine, you get the benefits of several different athletic exercises including stepping, skiing, cycling, and walking or jogging. Compared to a treadmill, an elliptical machine is an all-around machine…you aren’t just jogging or walking. If you’re training for the 10K marathon, a treadmill is a great machine to use. However, if you just want some good cardio exercise, you’ll want to get on an elliptical machine.

With an elliptical machine, you can target every major muscle group on your body without putting undue stress on your joints, particularly the weight-bearing ones. An elliptical machine is basically a no-impact exercise machine. A treadmill, on the other hand, puts stress on your feet and legs each time you use it. For weight loss, an elliptical machine beats a treadmill hands down. A treadmill can be a great exercise machine, but if you are using it to lose weight, you may not see the results as quickly as you would like. That’s because, with a treadmill, you are not actually targeting your major muscle groups, but you are simply burning calories and giving your cardio system a workout.

An elliptical machine does all that and targets the muscle groups in order to burn fat during your workout. For bodybuilding, a treadmill will actually hinder your efforts unless you lift weights while using the machine. An elliptical machine will not turn you into a hardbody either, but as a warm up or wind down exercise, the elliptical machine continues to work those muscles that you are trying to build. An elliptical machine adds some variety to your exercise routine.

How many exercise routines have you started in the past that you have given up on quickly because you got bored? You won’t get bored with an elliptical machine; just change up the routine a bit and you have a whole new exercise regimen. When you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, variety is essential. When you were working out in the past, have you ever gotten to a point where you just weren’t getting any more benefit from your routine? Sure, you could maintain your current weight or muscle mass, but eventually, you will hit a plateau because your body has become accustomed to the routine. In order to continue to lose weight or build muscle, you have to trick your body into believing that it is doing something new. This will avoid those plateaus and allow you to continue reaching your goal. Search for more great content below!

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