[PROVEN RESULTS!] Top 7 Cheapest & Best Weight Gainer Supplements in 2018 (Scientifically Proven Results!)

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If you’re still adamant about the regular weight gainers that don’t provide even half the results that Crazy Bulk does, then I’ll proceed with this article and show you our reviews & opinions on the top & cheapest weight gainers.

At first glance, finding the best weight gainer is a matter of minutes only – a simple search over the Internet will provide plenty of products, as well as detailed descriptions. But as you dig deeper, you realize there’s more than that. Each supplement comes with specific nutritional values and ingredients, while the results differ from one gainer to another. At this point, making a decision is no longer so simple, but quite challenging.

It takes time to research all the products on the market, so it’s wiser to just go with the best. Located the top-rated supplements, find out why they sell so well, check their pros and cons and you’re ready to go! Before going into details, it’s worth understanding the benefits of taking a weight gaining supplement, as well as the most important factors to look for. So, what should you pay attention to?

NameCalories per ServingProtein Per ServingTotal Servings
MuscleTech Mass Tech 840 63g 14 (3.18KG/7Lbs container) Try Now
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 1250 50g 16 (5.44Kg/12Lb container) Try Now
MuscleTech™ MASS-TECH® EXTREME 2000 2060 60g 18 (10Kg/22Lb container) Try Now
GNC Pro Performance® Weight Gainer 700 50g 6 (1.1Kg/2.5Lb container) Try Now
Beyond Raw® Re-Built Mass XP 880 60g 11 (2.8Kg/6.26Lb container) Try Now
BSN® True Mass® 700 50g 16 (2.64Kg/5.82Lb container) Try Now
MuscleMeds™ Carnivor Mass™ 710 50g 14 (2.74Kg/6Lb container) Try Now

Our Picks

#1 MuscleTech Mass Tech – The Best Weight Gainer In The Market

weight gaining supplement by muscletech for ectomorphs

MuscleTech’s supplement is based on protein – that’s its main goal. A serving brings in 63g of protein – more than other supplements in this range. It’s based on a slow digesting protein that can feed the body over long periods of time (especially overnight). For this reason, the body is continuously fueled with amino acids for an extended growth.

Regarding BCAAs, bodybuilders can count on 13g per serving, as well as 6.5g of L-leucine. Their main role is to support the deep muscle tissues connected to the bone. They’re just as handy in protein assimilation because they lower the protein breakdown rate.

Since this is a mass gaining supplement, it obviously comes with a high caloric index – 840 per serving. Despite the massive index, it won’t kill your appetite. However, it makes a good choice after having a meal once you’re done with the workout. It’s much easier to have this shake after a meal than vice versa.

It’s not based on providing muscle mass only, but also strength. Unlike other similar supplements, this one has a decent dosage of creatine as well – 10g per serving. It provides enough energy for the whole day, but it also works on the strength even after you finish the workout.


  • One serving provides 840 calories, 63g of protein, 13g of BCAAs and 132g of carbs.
  • Apart from protein, calories, BCAAs, carbs, and creatine, the supplement is also rich in calcium, iron and sodium.
  • It’s available in different sizes and four flavors – strawberry, cookies and cream, vanilla and chocolate.
  • Carbs are based on healthy compounds, such as oat, buckwheat, chia or quinoa.
  • It has a decent dose of creatine in each serving – 10g.

What’s to Like

  • The creatine is a plus in gaining strength, as most supplements don’t include it.
  • The caloric index is higher than in other supplements, so it can help mass gainers sustain a high caloric diet.
  • There are more natural flavors, so anyone can take this supplement without feeling disgusted.
  • It provides a good value for money if you count the macros and their quantities.
  • It includes slow digesting protein to fuel muscles over long periods of time.

What’s not to Like

  • A serving includes five scoops, which might feel a little too much for newbies.
  • Those with a sensitive stomach might experience bloating sensations.

#2 Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Serious mass mass gainer for diabetics by optimum nutrition

The Serious Mass supplement from Optimum Nutrition might be one of the best gainers for beginners in terms of calorie intake. Simply put, a serving will bring in over 1,250 calories in one go. That’s easily more than 25% of what you need on a daily basis. Regarding protein, it goes in the middle range of the spectrum – 50g per serving. There are both better and worse supplements, so it scores well. A good benefit of this brand is that most of the protein is slow digesting. In other words, it will fuel muscles even over long periods of breaks – such as nighttime.

The supplement is available in multiple flavors, such as banana, chocolate or vanilla, among others. The powder is most commonly served in shakes and builds mass if mixed with the right workout routine. Apart from calories and protein, it comes with 252g of carbs per serving. These carbohydrates include fiber, starch, and sugars – most commonly from grains, fruits, and vegetables. They aim to supplement potential minuses in a diet. Their main role is to fuel your workouts, hence the necessity of a proper supplementation.

Each serving of Serious Mass comes with 25 vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins A and D. It has a good dose of glutamine too, not to mention creatine for extra strength and more intense workouts.


  • Each serving consists of two scoops and boosts 1,250 calories – around 25% to 35% of a beginner bodybuilders daily intake.
  • There are 50g of protein per serving – mostly whey protein, which is rated to be the most efficient type on the market.
  • It can be mixed with water, different types of milk and fruits.
  • It has 25 minerals and vitamins, as well as creatine and glutamine.
  • It’s available in multiple flavors and tastes good.

What’s to Like

  • The caloric index puts this supplement among the most powerful ones in its segment.
  • The multiple flavors make it suitable for everyone.
  • It comes from a well-established company with an excellent reputation in this industry.
  • The protein is based on proven sources.
  • Servings can be flexible based on the bodybuilder’s goals – the advertised numbers are for a two scoop serving.

What’s not to Like

  • Given the size of the serving, its solubility is not so good.
  • The BCAA count is not advertised.

#3 MuscleTech™ MASS-TECH® EXTREME 2000

Mass tech extreme 2000 for skinny guys manufactured by muscletech

MuscleTech has designed one of the best gainers for beginners on the market with impressive numbers – not less than 2,000 calories per serving. Furthermore, a single serving will boost your body with 400g of carbohydrates, yet it depends on what you mix the power with. You can get the promised amounts when mixed with skimmed milk. Such a high amount will most likely replenish the muscle glycogen, but it will also spike the levels of insulin. The supplement will put your body in a solid anabolic state and support muscle growth at a fast rate.

The 2,000 calories are clean and dense, but they can also provide exquisite results over a short period of time. Taking this supplement is likely to increase mass growth by 500%. You don’t have to exaggerate with the shakes. Just get one serving and mix it with 20oz of skimmed milk.

MuscleTech has gained a positive reputation for enhancing its weight gaining supplements with creatine. Most other supplements provide little to no creatine. Creatine is essential for energy before a workout, but also to increase strength. With 10g of creatine per serving, chances are you won’t need a secondary creatine supplement to boost it.

As for BCAAs, a serving will deliver close to 18g of BCAAs, as well as almost 3g of L-leucine. The L-leucine is essential in protein synthesis, hence its importance in a well-sustained bodybuilding program.


  • The supplement provides more calories than almost every other weight gainer in this segment.
  • Unlike other supplements, it provides 10g of protein – more than enough for energy and strength growth.
  • Each serving provides 80g of protein.
  • The protein is sourced from proven foods – whey and rice, among others.
  • Each serving has 6.5g of fats – up to 3 times less than other similar supplements.

What’s to Like

  • It provides a solid amount of calories and protein without boosting the fat intake.
  • It’s available in more flavors, so it’s tasty and easy to digest.
  • It can be taken at any time of the day – morning, post workout or between meals.
  • It doesn’t require too much continuity to achieve the desired goals, so it’s cost-efficient.
  • Based on the price tag and numbers, it offers a good value for money.

What’s not to like

  • Most of the advertised numbers can be achieved by mixing with 20oz of skimmed milk.
  • Servings are quite large and imply using six scoops.

#4 GNC Pro Performance® Weight Gainer

Weight gainer pro performance for beginners by GNC

GNC has never used bells and whistles to advertise for its products. The reputable manufacturer sticks to the basics and provides honest and decent numbers. Based on its numbers, this probably is the best weight gainer without side effects. The amounts of macros are based on pure powder and not on mixing it with various drinks. Plenty of manufacturers rely on this technique to make their products more impressive, yet you can achieve those numbers only if you mix their powders with milk or even other protein shakes.

All in all, a four scoop serving (around 200g) will provide 700 calories. Mix it with a high-calorie drink, and you can get over 1,000 clean calories. In terms of protein, you get 50c with each serving. It may not be as much as you get from other gainers, but the serving is significantly lower – just 200g. The protein is sourced from healthy foods. It’s slow digesting in the attempt to keep fueling muscles over time, but also to ensure a quick recovery.

With just 6g of fat, it’s a front-runner in its segment.

The gainer should be taken daily. It’s not recommended to bodybuilders only, but also to athletes looking forward to enhancing their performance. It’s highly contraindicated to mix the powder with hot drinks.


  • Each serving provides 50g of protein, as well as micronized aminos for a better absorption.
  • There are 3g of creatine in a serving – just enough to boost the athletic performance without causing any side effects.
  • Given its macros, it’s advertised to provide the same results even if you reduce the sets by 40%.
  • Not only it stimulates muscle growth, but it also boosts strength growth and stamina.
  • It includes soybeans, eggs, and milk for a higher protein intake.

What’s to like

  • The supplement is available in more flavors for everyone to enjoy.
  • It’s one of the top-rated weight gainers on the market and comes from a company with a good reputation.
  • The creatine is excellent for extra strength, but it also activates stamina before a workout.
  • It works with fewer sets than usually, which means shorter, yet more intense workouts.
  • It’s highly soluble in all kinds of drinks.

What’s not to like

  • Servings are large, so the supplement finishes fast – it’s a bit more expensive than other similar products.
  • It must be mixed with large amounts of liquid to be drinkable. Otherwise, it’s just a thick smoothie.

#5 Beyond Raw® Re-Built Mass XP

Rebuilt mass xp manufactured by beyond raw

Advertised to be a hyper-anabolic product, Beyond Raw’s best mass gainer for ectomorphs is designed with performance in mind. Its ingredients are transparent and crystal clear – most people know what to expect without having to research any obscure substances. A single serving will bring in 890 calories, as well as 60g of protein – a bit higher than its competition. The protein is based on whey concentrate and isolate. Simply put, the concentrate provides a plethora of amino acids, which are essential in protein synthesis. The isolate has a different role – it maximizes the synthesis while reducing the muscle breakdown.

Other common ingredients in this supplement include calcium caseinate to boost the amino acid release, beta alanine to stimulate the creatine production and leucine blend. To make things even better, Beyond Raw has also introduced creatine in the composition. It’s excellent for those who need more energy for their workouts, but it’s also efficient in gaining strength.

In the attempt to make this supplement even better, Beyond Raw has enhanced it with fruit skin extract. In other words, this isn’t just about gaining mass and strength, but also about a vitamin shot to improve the immune system.

Apart from protein, the supplement comes with 140g of carbohydrates too.


  • Each serving provides 850 calories – up to 25% more when you mix the powder with a high protein drink.
  • There are 60g of protein per serving, sourced from natural sources only.
  • Users get 140g of carbs with each serving for extra gains.
  • Natural extracts are mostly based on fruit skins, but the supplement also contains Chinese skullcap extract and prickly pear pad for vitamins.
  • Each serving comes with a heavy dose of 10g of creatine for more energy during workouts and strength growth.

What’s to Like

  • The product is available in more flavors, so it tastes great regardless of your preferences.
  • Apart from the main ingredients for constant bodybuilding, it’s also rich in vitamins due to numerous extracts.
  • It’s rich in leucine and to trigger the anabolic recovery and improve the post-workout response.
  • It’s easily soluble when mixed with decent amounts of liquids.
  • There are no side effects reported.

What’s not to Like

  • A blender might be useful if you don’t feel like adding too much liquid.
  • It might dehydrate, so it’s highly recommended to drink more water than normal.

#6 BSN® True Mass®

protein powder true mass by BSN

BSN advertises its mass gainer as a premium supplement for a few reasons. Although it may not have the same numbers as other supplements, everything is well balanced for a steady and continuous muscle growth. Quantities are properly optimized in the right proportions. For example, the formula behind its efficiency is simple – a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein.

You get 90g of carbs per serving, as well as 50g of protein and 700 calories if you mix the powder with water. When mixed with milk or other alternatives, chances are these numbers will go up. Moreover, a serving contains 6g of fiber. It can be used between meals or after a workout, but also before going to sleep. The protein is slow digesting, which means it will fuel the body overnight.

The True-Mass supplement is not recommended to bodybuilders only, but also to various athletes in need of healthy supplementation. Its mixture of macros provides enough energy and calories to support extreme physical activity. The powder helps the body prepare for workouts and supports an immediate recovery as soon as the workout is done.

There are 17g of fat per serving – more than in similar supplements. However, you can count on healthy fats that will burn during the next workout. It’s all about fueling the body for an intense circuit.


  • There are six sources of protein in the supplement, and they all come from natural and healthy sources – none of them comes from soy.
  • Each serving has 90g of carbs, 6g of fiber, 10g of BCAAs and 700 calories when mixed with water.
  • Only one serving (3 scoops) is needed on a daily basis.
  • The supplement has a 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein for maximum efficiency.
  • It can be taken at random times of the day, even before going to sleep.

What’s to Like

  • The rapport for price, quality, and quantity is excellent – good value for money.
  • It can be taken with other supplements, especially if they come from the same manufacturer.
  • Comes in more flavors for diversity – no chalky taste.
  • It produces creamy and chunk-free smoothies.
  • It’s good for both muscle growth and recovery.

What’s not to Like

  • Some of the flavors may taste artificial.
  • It requires at least 16oz of liquid for a smooth result.

#7 MuscleMeds™ Carnivor Mass™

carnivor mass by musclemeds

Unlike most competitors on the market, Carnivor Mass is not made of whey isolate, but beef protein isolate. No, it doesn’t taste like beef. In fact, you wouldn’t even know that it’s based on beef unless you checked the label. It becomes an excellent alternative for those who are intolerant to lactose. Moreover, beef protein is said to be more concentrated than its whey alternative, while the amounts of amino acids are up to 350% higher than steak.

A single serving will provide 50g of protein, 125g of carbs and 710 calories. The best part is that it also contains creatine, which is known to increase energy and stimulate strength growth. Given the creatine content, you no longer have to spend money on a secondary creatine ingredient. The supplement is rich in L-leucine, as well as L-isoleucine, which is essential in protein production.

While available in more flavors, it’s worth noting that each flavor comes with small differences in ingredients and amounts.


  • There are 700 calories, 125g of carbs and 50g of protein per serving.
  • The protein is beef sourced.
  • It has decent amounts of creatine for energy and strength.
  • Beef protein is more concentrated and efficient than whey protein.
  • It comes in more flavors with slight differences in ingredients.

What’s to Like

  • The ingredient list is transparent and doesn’t include any suspicious substances.
  • The supplement is suitable to those suffering from lactose intolerance too.
  • Given the efficiency of beef protein, servings are small.
  • There are less than 2g of fat per serving.
  • It’s smooth when mixed with water and has no chunks.

What’s not to Like

  • The fruit punch flavor has Red #40 among ingredients – not suitable for those who try to avoid it.
  • Different flavors come with different amounts of sodium.

Benefits of Taking a Weight Gainer Supplement

To begin with, they’re the #1 natural supplements to gain weight, however, different people take different supplements for various reasons – simple as that! When it comes to mass gainers, the benefits are quite general and may cover multiple aspects.

Muscular Mass

This is the main reason, wherefore more and more people try to identify the best weight gainer for skinny guys. After all, you want mass. There are plenty of workouts available for free over the Internet, so you should find the optimal one within minutes. Exercises based on resistance training are known to be more efficient and can stimulate a natural muscle growth. At the same time, you need the right nutrients to feed your muscles after breakdown. Without these nutrients, results will be extremely slow.

Not only you’ll feed muscles properly, but also, unless you take steroids then you’re doing a good decision on using the #1 natural supplements to gain weight since a good supplement will also boost the natural recovery of your muscles. In other words, you won’t have to wait for days to train the same muscle group, but move on within 48 hours only.

Fat Burning

Gaining mass is not necessarily about gaining weight. If you want to gain weight, you can eat fast food three times a day and avoid workouts – you’ll be successful within one month. You don’t want that. Instead, you want a well-defined body and visible muscles. From this point of view, the increased fat burning properties of mass gaining supplements represent yet another significant benefit.

The best weight gainer supplement for you will most likely have plenty of branched-chain amino acids in its composition too. These are the building materials for protein, and their primary role is to build muscle. Moreover, they stimulate fat oxidation. Simply put, they accelerate fat burning for better-defined muscles.

Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is essential in bodybuilders as it increases pumps and delivers nutrients to your muscles. After all, that’s why they often implement cardio sessions into their workouts. Some mass gainers are taken after a workout, while others work better before a workout. The pre-workout alternative is known to contain high amounts of arginine. Arginine is responsible for the natural secretion of nitric oxide.

Its leading role is to increase the blood circulation towards the muscles, so it basically redirects more nutrients in the workout-affected areas. Not only your muscles grow in a healthier way, but they also grow faster.

Muscle Strength

Gaining muscle mass is nothing if you don’t gain strength too. It’s easy to tell why. The more mass you want, the heavier your weights should become overtime. Leaving strength behind will limit you. You won’t be able to lift heavy weights, so you’ll stagnate after a while.

While not all mass gaining supplements support strength growth, the best mass gainer for beginners are likely to add to it. For example, some supplements have creatine in their composition. It’s a well known pre-workout ingredient for the energy boost. But when combined with resistance training, it will boost your strength as well.

Keep in mind that no matter what supplement you choose, it’s essential to match it to the right workout for your longterm goals.


What to Look for in a Mass Gainer Supplement

With so many mass gainers on the market, choose the right one will seem daunting at first. Most manufacturers promise you the world, so it’s wise to get beyond their specifications and actually understand how their products work. There are a few general things to look for.


Go through all the ingredients before spending your money on a mass gainer supplement. In today’s chemical world, it’s literally scary to think about all the unknown ingredients that can go in such supplements. Some supplements are natural and represent a priority. Some others are quite suspicious, and they’re made in obscure laboratories with chemicals and even hormones. They might provide faster results though, but they’re less likely to last. Once you take a break, your muscles will disappear.

Moreover, such chemicals are usually harsh and may lead to severe adverse reactions. Therefore, look for natural ingredients. If you’re not sure about an ingredient, just look it up online and find out what it does. On the same note, avoid those supplements that promise you the world overnight. It’s not going to happen, so you’re just falling for a marketing gimmick and a useless supplement.

Metabolic Effects

Most manufacturers will not mention the metabolic effects of their supplements. On a positive note, they will provide all the ingredients so that you can research yourself. For instance, taking more calories than what you need is a solid first step in the attempt to gain weight. But then, you need to do more than that.

Skinny people who can’t take weight have one thing in common – a fast metabolism. Simply put, no matter how many calories you get, your body will naturally burn them so fast that you just can’t gain any mass. Most people would kill for your body, but after all, you want mass.

With this idea in mind, the best mass gainer for beginners is supposed to slow down the metabolism a little – in a safe way, of course. This means your body will slow down on burning calories, so you’ll start adding weight.

Appetite Effects

Your appetite will inevitably be affected when you take a bodybuilding supplement. When interested in gaining weight, you want calories. It’s the first step. Plenty of manufacturers know that, so you’ll run into many supplements with a high caloric index. Basically, a simple shake might bring in up to 1,000 calories in one go. A few shakes a day will literally boost the intake. Unfortunately, some of these supplements are too expensive, and they don’t really help in the long run.

They are so filling that you’ll find it impossible to eat something else in the near future. You’ll need consistent meals for mass gain – not going to happen this way. In simple words, you take one shot, and you skip the next meal, so you’re not getting any extra calories.

Instead of hunting such problems, try finding a supplement that will increase your appetite as well without compromising on the calorie intake.

Now that you know what to look for to find the best weight gainer without side effects, what are the top-rated products on the market and what makes them so special?



As a short conclusion, finding the best weight gainer for ectomorphs is not so complicated once you go through the product’s specifications. Pay certain attention to the numbers advertised, as some of them are correct only when mixed with certain drinks and in the right quantities. Other than that, set a solid workout program and get to work.



What’s the Cheapest Weight Gainer?

All of the options in our list feature different sizes (from 1.1KG/2.5Lbs all the way up to 10KG/22Lbs) thus the price also changes, as such we will tell you the cheapest weight gainer by following a good Price/Servings Ratio. From what we’ve found after hiring the worlds top mathematician and several years later of extremely advanced & complicated formulas, we’ve reached the conclusion that the cheapest weight gainer is the:

Serious mass mass gainer for diabetics by optimum nutrition

 Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

The reason for this is that it features 16 servings for each 5.44Kg/12Lb container, it will also provide you with 50g of Protein & 1250 calories per serving. The other options were either too expensive or if they were indeed cheaper then they were probably much smaller containers which also had fewer servings & the servings probably had less protein & or Calories.

Are these good weight gain powder for male and females?

Yes, all of them can be used by both, males and females without any problem, they’re designed to be unisex and contain no harmful ingredients to either gender.

Can it replace protein powder for men’s weight gain?

Yes, it can indeed replace protein powder for men’s weight gain, after all, their main purpose as the name suggests is to help people gain weight, so yes, you can use them as replacement for protein if you only care about gaining weight, however, if your numbers are already going up when you step on the scale in a week-by-week basis then you should stick to protein as it’s generally healthier & has more protein per serving.

Best Weight Gainer in the World?

There’s no “best weight gainer in the world” answering this question isn’t as straight forward as it seems, it really depends on your goals, if all you care about is total calories per serving some product may be better than others, however, if you care about total protein per serving then the answer will be different, if you care about the amount of sugar, then again, the answer will also be different, if you care about all the benefits the others ingredients may bring, then yet again the answer will be different.

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