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If you are looking for a protein supplement then look no further than the Ensure Max Protein.

Who is it for?

This supplement is targeted to give bodybuilders, athletes and dieters exactly what they need. That is extra quantities of protein throughout the day.

What will it do?

The extra proteins it will provide your body with means that you will grow and keep lean muscle mass. You will do this throughout the day.

What is more it tastes great, and it contains zero carbohydrates.

Why do you need it?

If you really want to develop your muscles you need a protein booster and cb-1 weight gainer. Why? Because proteins are essential nutrients. They help you to strengthen your body, and accelerate the process of new bodily tissue formation.

High quality whey protein

Do not be fooled. When looking at protein supplements you need high quality protein. This formula has it. Many others do not!

It is derived from “Promina” which is a high quality whey protein isolate. Promina is one of the quickest and most easily digested proteins available. When taken it is quickly absorbed. Your muscle tissue then uses it to repair and grow.

This formula also contains a high amount of bio-available amino acids. This means it works to repair your muscle tissue even faster.

No clumps

How many protein formulas have your tried that are messy to mix? If you are like me it will be lots. Most protein powders will leave clumps if you do not go through the process of mixing them with a blender. Not this one! This supplement will pleasantly surprise you. It has great mixability. Leave the blender in the cupboard. A simple shaker cup will do the job.

It is your choice. Add it straight to water, mix it with fruit juice, or stir it into your yoghurt or oatmeal. It is up to you. Whichever way you decide this formula will mix instantly. 

Most whey protein powders of supplements do not generally major in the higher echelons of the taste league. You normally have to mix them with milk, yoghurt or something else to make them digestible.

Forget that with this formula. It is the best tasting supplement in its class.

Listen up Ladies!

I hope you girls are reading this too! This protein powder has an exceedingly low-calorie profile. You will find just 90 calories per serving. This has got to make it one of the lowest calorie protein supplements currently available.

Any of you girls who are on a low-calorie, fat-loss diet and are conscious about your calorie intake will benefit from using this formula.


Take a look at some of the other ‘popular’ protein shakes on the market which offer muscle mass gains and weight loss benefits. You will find they offer up to 300 calories per serving. Even the so called light versions of such shakes come in at between 180-200 calories.

Do the math! This formula wins hands down. In fact I will do them for you:

Large 23g scoop of protein = Zero Carbohydrates + Zero Fat = The Lowest amount of Calories you will find = The Ensure Max Protein formula!

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