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God Of War Red Pre Workout




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  • Very high caffeine per serving at 325mg which is way higher than most pre workouts
  • Plenty of vitamin C, D & B12
  • Nice amount of L-Arginine and Beta Alanine
  • If you disregarding the cons then the value is great, worthy of a score of 90, however Yohimbe may potentially be dangerous.


  • Contains Alpha Yohimbe which is scientifically proven to have several harmful effects which potentially overshadow the benefits
  • Brand isn't very well known

Our God Of War Pre Workout Review First Look

Honestly, this supplement looked promising if you ignored the fact that it contains Yohimbe, it has all that you could wish for in a pre-workout to give you that energy boost & hype feeling that you need at the gym to break some PRs.

It features 325mg of Caffeine which is quite high considering popular pre-workouts such as “Cellucor C4” only boast a mere 150mg of caffeine per serving, sure the servings are smaller but at the end what matters is how many servings there are, and both these supplements feature 30 servings. Therefore, God of War has an absolute advantage, boasting over 2x the amount of caffeine which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective ingredient in pre-workouts.

Not only the caffeine but it also has a high amount of Vitamin C, B12, and D, these are more commonly found in pre-workouts at around the same values that this supplement provides, however, Vitamin D has been proven to increase testosterone and is highly regarded as the most essential vitamin for bodybuilding, this means that it has the edge over pre-workouts that do not have vitamin D.

With all this said and done, it looks quite promising indeed. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite fond of Alpha Yohimbe due to all the scientific studies that show the side effects, while there are good side effects, a vast majority are also bad and some of them you don’t wanna mess with.


Ingredients Breakdown

God of war pre workout review of the Ingredient list in this supplement

We will be talking about the ingredients we consider to be most important in this pre-workout. Creating not included because creatine is best supplemented as a standalone supplement instead of relying on pre-workouts to get it.







Vitamin D

As mentioned before, Vitamin D3 is widely regarded as the most essential vitamin for bodybuilding due to its scientific backup that it may increase natural levels of testosterone on subjects that lack this vitamin (which is a significant portion of the population). As you may know, testosterone is highly crucial for building muscle at a faster rate thus it’s great that it’s included as an ingredient.




There’s a lot of mixed researched on this ingredient, marketers say it increases weightlifting performance, muscle mass, helps burn fat and what not, however, science claims differently, some studies say there’s no noticeable effect UNLESS you have cardiovascular problems, while others say that it doesn’t increase strength but does increase the total blood volume in your muscles, there are no noticeable side effects so even if the benefits are minimal it’s still good to have it included as an ingredient.




Caffeine has a lot of good and bad side effects and is the most used supplementary ingredient on the planet due to high consumption of things like coffee, coca cola and so on, everyone already knows caffeine.

The most important, scientifically proven benefits of caffeine for weightlifting are:

  • Anti Fatigue Effect
  • Beneficial to Cardiovascular exercises
  • Improves strength/power output if low tolerance or high doses of caffeine
  • Keeps you fully awake
  • Fat Oxidation
  • A small increase in Testosterone
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Improved metabolism (if you wish to lose weight that is)

While the negatives are:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased Eye Pressure
  • Acid Reflux



Alpha Yohimbe

With this ingredient is where things go south, REAL FAST. While it does have some benefits we genuinely believe that the downsides outweigh the benefits, however, it’s entirely up to you to decide if you would like to give it a try or not.

Alpha Yohimbe Benefits:

  • Increased Erections
  • Fat mass reduced significantly
  • Decreases symptoms of Phobia


The Downsides:

  • Alcohol dependence
  • Anxiety
  • Increases Blood Pressure
  • Increases the heart rate (which isn’t ideal for some individuals)
  • Interacts with a significant portion of neurological medication
  • Quantity found in bodybuilding supplements is usually a lot different than the advertised dosage


As you can see it has quite some bad downsides to it, especially the anxiety as it’s been said that people who are already predisposed to have anxiety may even have suicidal thoughts & psychosis. The only meaningful benefit would be the decrease of fat mass which is quite lovely honestly; it has a very noticeable effect. However, we still don’t recommend to take Alpha Yohimbe under any circumstances.




Some people have drunk coffee & taken pre-workout for years thus they have a high caffeine tolerance already, these individuals usually end up taking 2 scoops from most pre-workouts however, we most definitely recommend you to take only 1 scoop for this pre-workout, as mentioned before it contains 325mg of caffeine which is an extremely significant amount of caffeine when compared to a lot of the most popular pre-workouts.


If you further wish to improve the efficiency of the pre-workout by only taking a single scoop, we recommend you to try and drop your dependence on coffee & pre-workouts for a couple of weeks up to a month depending on how long & how often you’ve been drinking coffee / taking pre-workouts, this will increase your sensitivity to caffeine once again. We like to do this every few months to keep a delicate balance of sensitivity towards caffeine.


Effects & Benefits

Due to caffeine & alpha Yohimbe, although it’s not the main reason why people take pre-workouts, it does have quite a noticeable impact on weight loss & fat mass loss, for some individuals, this may be a great benefit while for others, not really.

It also contains several types of vitamins which are essential to every human being.

As mentioned previously in the ingredients section, caffeine also has several significant benefits even for nonweightlifting activities. Thus it’s a highly essential & beneficial supplement to be taken by everyone around the world.


Negative Effects

Due to the mix of caffeine & alpha Yohimbe, your blood pressure may shoot up; this is a significant adverse side effect for people with already high blood pressure, tread carefully when taking this supplement if you suffer from high blood pressure already.

All other adverse effects are mostly due to alpha Yohimbe; if it didn’t contain alpha Yohimbe and instead contained higher concentration of beta-alanine or perhaps more vitamins, it would be a much safer, reliable & overall better supplement to take.


Conclusion of our God of War Pre Workout Review

Overall, we don’t really recommend to take this product, the supplement is indeed potent and quite good for the price tag. Due to alpha Yohimbe, it falls on our list of “not recommended” it simply has too many downsides that we aren’t looking for when taking something like a pre-workout to have a better gym session. Safety should be your number 1 priority, be it in lifting be it in taking supplements & everything else in your life.


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