Top 5 Best Beard Growth Products in 2018 (Manly Beard Secrets)

Beards are a masculine man’s trait; there’s a reason why most well known masculine overlords throughout history had prominent bears as well as why women like to shave every single body hair to improve their femininity.

Nowadays there’s a lot of people, mostly younger generation who look down on beards and prefer to have a clean shave, however, if you’re reading this then you’ve made the right choice and joined the ranks of the masculine men!

The problem with beards is that not everyone can grow them well, especially on the sides, some people can grow them from a clean shave into a full grown caveman beard within a week or two while others can go without shaving for months and still look like newborn babies.

That isn’t fair at all, and that’s precisely why beard growth supplements & products were invented, everyone has the right to equality, and even those who aren’t genetically gifted with easy and fast growing beards now can grow them as well by using some supplements.


Regarding products, there’s a product that outshines all others and has scientific backup proving that it works flawlessly, the product is: Minoxidil.

A mans beard his a good indication of their own style & personality, people with grown beards have an easier time being socially respected versus someone with a clean shave beard, obviously, personality is the most important aspect but that doesn’t mean that you should just skip out on your appearance.

Grooming your facial hair is important

The beard is one of the most important subjects in terms of aesthetics, it’s incredibly easy to differentiate a good beard from a bad beard, thus it’s important to keep it in check.

After all,’s said and done, our objective here is to educate our readers on some of the best products & supplements to help you grow more facial hair & have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


After doing intensive research for several weeks & from our own personal opinions on the products that have been used & tested, we have reached an understanding on which are the best beard growth products on the market, and right now they’re creams, oils & shampoos, they seem to have the most noticeable and efficient impact on your overall appearance.


The Top 5 Best Beard Growth Products

1: Ultrax Labs Hair Rush Vitamins – Best Vitamins Supplement For Facial Hair Growth

Hair rush vitamins to improve hair growth and reduce hair lossHonestly, from all the brands & products we’ve tested, Delta Genesis & Ultra Labs gave us the best results & from worldwide reviews, whoever tried them has proven that it works quite well.

We prefer to use 3 different products at the same time for INCREDIBLE results, however, more on that later after reviewing the 5 products.

You may be wondering what a hair growth product is doing here, well, beard and hair are mostly the same.

The Ultra Labs Hair Rush Vitamins is one of the most used products worldwide due to its efficacy.

Regarding side effects and health implications, there’s entirely none, it’s a natural product since it’s vitamins & has no side effects.


Feel free to check the product out on Amazon for some honest reviews from people who have tried it.


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2: Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL Vitamins – Close 2nd, still a great alternative

Beard Grow XL Vitamins to help you grow your facial hair


The Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL Vitamins is an excellent alternative to the Ultra Labs Hair Rush Vitamins. However, the Ultra Labs Vitamins have far more worldwide reputation, reviews & users as such it’s a slightly more reliable product regarding results. However, it’s entirely safe to use this one as it’s also quite efficient.

Unlike the other one, these vitamins are not about hair growth but rather specifically about beard growth, however, as we mentioned previously, hair & beard are mostly the same.

There’s also no side effects or health implications when using this supplements since their natural products (vitamins).


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3: Ultra Labs Hair Surge Shampoo – Best Shampoo for your beard

Ultra labs hair surge shampoo to help with facial hair growth

As we mentioned previously, from all the brands we’ve used, Ultra Labs were our favorite, and it also seems to be the consensus worldwide since it’s one of the most used brands for both hair & beard growth.

This product is different from the previous ones; it’s not vitamins; instead, it’s a bottle of shampoo and it’s perfectly fine to use along with the vitamins for increased effect & improved results.

Naturally, instead of using the shampoo on your hair, you should use it on your beard to help with the growth.

There are no side effects since it’s only a bottle of shampoo.



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4: Gentlemen’s Beard Oil & Conditioner Softner – Great due to the 2 in 1 pack

Gentlemens beard oil conditioner softner for beard growth and beard aesthetic

This is a different product from the ones before, this one is an oil & as we said in the first product, we noticed INSANE improvements when using the vitamins + shampoo + oil together, were not only the beard growth improvements insane but also the overall softness & aesthetics were great, the kit becomes a bit expensive but they last for a while & you don’t have the need to on using it consistently.

The oil not only helps with the growth but also leaves it soft which will improve the aesthetics & give whoever touches it a more pleasant feeling, this is especially important for whoever has wives, we all know how much they complain about our beards poking them.




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5: Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL Oil – Best Beard Oil

Beard flux xl oil for facial hair growth

We decided to include this one as well because it’s from Delta Genesis, we’ve always had some excellent results with delta genesis products and this one is no different.

The reason why it’s #5 and not #4 is simply because it’s not a conditioner softner like the previous one, however, if you don’t care about having a softer beard then we would definitely recommend this one over the last option.

Not only is the brand one of our favorites but also it’s a 100% organic product.




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Maximizing Results of the Best Facial Hair Growth Products & Supplements

As we mentioned before, we noticed outstanding improvements when using 3 different products at the same time, vitamins, oil & shampoo.

You may think this is a bit too much for you and maybe it really is, not everyone has a tough time growing a beard, but for those that do, these 3 may be an absolute necessity, and we can guarantee you that you will see a massive improvement by using all 3 at the same time.

We personally recommend you to use these 3 products together:

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush Vitamins

Ultra Labs Hair Surge Shampoo

Delta Genesis Flux XL Oil


Alternatively, feel free to switch the oil for the Gentlemen’s Oil if you also prefer to have a conditioner mixed in, however, we have not tested these 3 together so we can’t testify if it’s better or worse in terms of facial hair growth, however, there’s guaranteed results with the 3 options we’ve mentioned.




Overall, what product you should purchase depends on your needs & how hard it is for you to grow a beard, if you don’t have a hard time growing one but still want to grow on faster and thicker then a single product should be enough, we would generally recommend going for either vitamins or shampoo.

Oil also provides results as well, however, vitamins besides improving your facial hair growth, it also enhances other aspects and needs that your body may have to function correctly, while shampoo helps you clean your beard properly, so they’re extra benefits when using them.

If you have a tough time growing a beard then most definitely use all 3 products, you can most definitely expect insane improvements, and you most definitely won’t regret it.

A friendly reminder that although these products will indeed help you grow a bigger & thicker beard, they are still only going to be able to stimulate the already existing hair follicles, they won’t magically create new ones, you most definitely will notice improvements but don’t expect to become a Viking if you could hardly grow a beard before.

Would also recommend taking a short break from using these supplements & products every month or two if you intend to use them long term.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, although your objective may only be to use these supplements to assist you with the growth of your facial hair, keeping a well-groomed beard is just as important if not even more important than being able to grow it. A well-groomed beard is a difference between a classy manly man vs a bum. Fortunately, keeping it groomed is something easy and quick and doesn’t require you to have the outstanding genetics to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

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