PMD Methyl Andro Review (Powerful Scientific Driven Case Study)

PMD Methyl Andro Testosterone Booster






Overall Benefit


Brand Trust


Ingredient Mix Quality



  • It does increase testosterone, however, results are far better when mixed with the whole stack. (Click the button below this table to see the whole stack)
  • Great ingredient mix, all the important ingredients are present
  • Many ingredients have extremely benefitial effects for your health
  • Most important ingredients are in a standard dose


  • Low dosage on some ingredients which reduces the value & effectiveness of an otherwise perfect product
  • Brand not very well known

Before we proceed with the review, I would like to remind you that PMD Methyl Andro is an old product and there are better options! In my personal experience, I would definitely recommend you to try DBOL Max as it’s the best supplement we’ve ever reviewed on this site (And we’ve reviewed A LOT of supplements, many more than you can think of!).

When I took DBOL Max I started writing the review and honestly, I felt so great it’s unbelievable, no supplement can ever give you the muscle mass, strength & overall happy/greatness feeling that DBOL Max gives you, not even testosterone boosters.

Here’s how it came when I unpacked it:


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If you’re still hung up on trying this outdated testosterone booster then, lets proceed with the actual review.

Our PMD Methyl Andro Review First Look

This testosterone booster has been hyped up for being an insane testosterone amplifier, not only the brand says so but so do plenty of reviews from what we’ve seen, and as such we’ve decided to check it out. Before even trying this product, the first thing we looked at was the ingredients and most importantly its dosage, right off the bat we were… well… UNIMPRESSED(Keep reading, it’s not that bad, we were just expecting it to be better).

The reason why it has so many decent reviews was probably from people who experienced the placebo effect, “Oh wow I just took this testosterone booster, and I feel so good it’s working so damn great!”. Well, no, for proper measurement of it working you should visit a doctor and request blood work analysis to measure your testosterone levels, that’s when you know if it is working or not.

Regarding the ingredients, while it does indeed contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase testosterone, they’re in a relatively low dosage which will either make them not have as much of an impact or perhaps even no impact at all.

We may sound a bit too harsh, and honestly, we are a bit harsh, the first look did indeed look terrible, however, despite the ingredients & dosage being a let down we still decided to test it out for the sake of it and as such we have decided to write this comprehensive review.

The result was pretty decent; you can read further, however, we recommend you to check our suggestions for some of the best testosterone boosters.

Before we get down to business, we suggest you check the cheapest provider we’ve found. Unfortunately, PMD Methyl Andro alone is no longer available however the stack is extremely effective and far more effective than taking Methyl Andro alone, however, let’s get down to business then.

Ingredients Breakdown

PMD Methyl Andro Review of the ingredient list and dosage of the supplement

FenuPRO Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek seed extract is scientifically proven to increase testosterone along with having many other benefits, it’s a common plant in Arabian countries as well as in India, before being tested & used for increasing testosterone it’s been used for centuries as a means to improve libido.

Besides being used for increasing testosterone and libido, it can also be used in women who recently had babies to increase the milk production.

A fun fact is that when taking fenugreek there’s a good chance that your urine will actually have a pleasant maple syrup smell, so there you go boys, another benefit!

Most important benefits of Fenugreek:

  • Increases testosterone when taken in the 500mg-600mg range (600mg for this product)
  • Increases libido
  • Although inconclusive, some scientific studies show that people who have consumed Fenugreek have lost body fat although not in substantial amounts
  • For women, it helps to increase the milk production
  • Gives your urine a pleasant smell
  • Reduces triglycerides levels

Downsides of Fenugreek:

  • May cause Hypoglycemia in some individuals
  • Some people can be allergic to Fenugreek
  • If you have asthma there, are several reports that it may worsen your condition

As you can see, unless you have asthma or are allergic, fenugreek is a great seed that should be included in your diet even if you do not go to the gym, it has a lot of benefits for your health even when disregarding the testosterone boost.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid regular and is also yet another scientifically proven testosterone booster. However, it has its drawbacks which we will explain afterward. It’s commonly referred as “DAA” and is widely used by men to boost fertility rate as well as in certain athletes to improve physical performance temporarily, and I repeat, TEMPORARILY.

The issue with DAA is that it’s only a temporary testosterone booster which lasts at most a week and a half, afterward even if you continue consuming it, your testosterone levels that have been boosted by it will go back to normal.

Effects only lasting a week and a half is a big downside because after all, testosterone boosters aren’t supposed to work for just a single week of benefit, however, at least you know that during that week and a half you’ll notice a big difference regarding testosterone & overall performance.

Benefits of D-Aspartic Acid:

  • Increases testosterone temporarily
  • Although the sample size & not many studies have been done, the consensus is that it also increases fertility in men
  • Sperm count & quality improved, although that’s probably linked with the increase in fertility
  • Improves athletic performance


  • May cause certain kidney issues
  • Increases cholesterol

As you can see, while DAA does its job, it also has some potentially risky side effects along with its benefits not being incredibly useful regarding what we’re looking for, although, as mentioned, it does increase testosterone.

A problem with D-Aspartic Acid in this testosterone booster is that the usual dosage for DAA is between 2000mg and 3000mg while this product only gives us 1000mg per dosage which is literally half of the minimum recommended dosage, as such, we can’t be too sure if it even affects testosterone with this dosage.

Dioscorea Nipponica Makino Root

This is an ingredient without a lot of scientific backgrounds, and even we had some issues finding information about it. Apparently there’s a lot of benefits and no downsides, however, as we’ve mentioned, there are not many studies, so the evidence is lacking.

One thing we should mention is that from the information we’ve gathered, there’s no correlation between this ingredient & increasing your testosterone. However, it still improves your overall health, so that’s a bonus.

Benefits of Dioscorea Nipponica Makino Root:

  • Helps with Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Internal injuries and a few other problems
  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Overall good for your health


  • None that we know of

Androstenolone (DHEA)

This ingredient is a bit controversial because it’s considered a steroid, although, it’s a natural steroid, it’s produced by your body in large quantities, what it does is that it synthesizes estrogen and androgen in your body which then, after being synthesized, it converts into several different hormones. Thus, it promotes natural hormone production in your body.

This is usually used by athletes & bodybuilders to increase athletic performance since it’s scientifically proven to increase lean body mass along with bone density. Besides the apparent bodybuilding benefits, it also helps with your cardiovascular health & regulating your cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Androstenolone (DHEA):

  • Increases your body mass & bone density
  • Helps your body fight against symptoms of depression, mood swings and cognitive decline
  • Lowers Inflammation in your body
  • Improves your libido
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health as well as reduces the risk of diabetes


  • Should not be taken with other medication
  • When taken in high dosage, it can damage your liver

As you can see, it’s an essential ingredient to have in a testosterone booster, and we’re glad that PMD decided to include it in their Methyl Andro Testosterone Booster, it provides a ton of essential benefits while having little to no risks when taking it.

This product includes a dosage of 50mg which is the standard; even some other testosterone boosters include smaller dosage.

The 4-in-1 Matrix Blend

There are too many ingredients in this mix to be able to explain the benefits and risks of each of them separately, plus many of them have a lack of scientific research. However, we will describe the most important ones further down below.

The issue with blends like that is that while the intention is good (mixing all sorts of possibly beneficial ingredients to maximize the effect since they all have similar functions, the dosage used is extremely low. PMD Methyl Andro has a dosage of only 490mg split between over 15 ingredients, as you can expect their benefits will either be minimal or even more likely, there will be no benefits at all.

If the dosage were increased to maybe 1000mg or perhaps even slightly higher then this would easily be the best testosterone booster on the market by far, however, with the lack of a proper dosage, it leaves too much to be desired.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is also known as Velvet Bean and is mostly seen & grown in India,  the most essential component of this bean is the fact that it contains L-DOPA which has many positive effects. Although there isn’t a large number of scientific studies made, the ones that have been done seem to show significant improvements in several types of diseases & conditions; it seems even to be effective when used to combat snake venom.  It is also commonly used to treat things such as infertility.


  • Sperm Quality improved
  • Used in professional medicinal procedures as a way to help with Parkinsons Disease
  • Increases your adrenaline
  • Reduces Dopamine
  • Testosterone has increased in infertile men
  • General well-being improvements due to cortisol levels lowering


  • None

There are no substantial downsides to consuming the Velvet bean unless in large doses.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been marketed as a testosterone boosting ingredient for decades now. However, studies are inconclusive although some do provide positive results. Due to lack of scientific evidence, we would recommend you to ignore whatever effects Tribulus Terrestris is supposed to provide as they’re mostly marketing stunts. However, we will still list the effects seen in the very few scientific studies that have been done.



  • May result in trouble sleeping

There are some side effects such as having trouble sleeping and some other more several although they’re mostly seen on woman who are breastfeeding or pregnant.


BioPerine is a common ingredient in supplements & its composition derives from Black Pepper Extract. Although it doesn’t have any direct benefits towards muscle building, it enhances the absorption of nutrients & although research is inconclusive, it’s believed that it also helps enhance the effects of the other ingredients in supplements.


  • Enhanced absorption of nutrients.
  • Regulates the immune system
  • Although not many studies have been done, there are a few that have shown positive effects in preventing cancer.
  • Just like prevention of cancer, not many studies have been made. However, there are positive effects of it being an anti-depressant.


– None

There should be no side effects, although it’s speculated that since it enhances the absorption of nutrients & potentially the effects of supplements, their side effects may also be enhanced as well as medication side effects. Again, there’s no scientific research done to backup this statement though.


We recommend to follow the instructions on the backside of the package, taking three pills per day is enough & your best option to make sure you get the necessary benefits of this supplement, we don’t recommend you to go above three pills per day as it may lead to side effects.

One important thing to notice is that you should take the three pills at separate times of the day to make it easier on your liver, taking a pill every 3-4 hours is optimal.

PS: In this PMD Methyl Andro Review , we’re only suggesting you the dosage, however, we still recommend you to reduce it if you feel the need to.

Overall Effects & Benefits

In general, this is an excellent product to take because not only does it boost your testosterone but it also has many ingredients that will enhance your bodies health, even when completely disregarding bodybuilding it would still be useful to take this.

It does what it’s supposed to be which is increasing testosterone. However, it leaves a bit to be desired, while the two main components are in standard dosage, it contains too many filler products which are under proper dosage.

When taking this supplement, you can expect to undoubtedly notice a massive difference in the gym, your performance, confidence & even your social skills will improve when taking this supplement.

Negative Effects

A good thing about this supplement is that it doesn’t contain ingredients which cause substantial side effects, as such, there’s probably nothing to worry about unless you’re allergic to one of them.

One thing to note is that you should always follow the recommended dosage, if you go over the suggested dosage side effects may become quite heavy and may harm your health.

Conclusion on our PMD Methyl Andro Review

Overall, we feel like it’s an “okay” product. It does what its supposed to do, the idea of mixing all the supporting ingredients was excellent besides the fact that it’s in incredibly low doses.

While it’s mostly a kind of negative review, you can rest assured that if you wish to purchase this supplement, then you’ll have results and notice a big difference.

In our opinion, if the dosage of the 4-in-1 mix blend were increased in dosage, this supplement would easily be one of the best in the market, if not the best.

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