Scivation XTEND GO Review (Powerful Scientific Driven Case Study)

Scivation XTEND GO






Overall Benefit


Brand Trust


Energy Increase



  • 0 Calories
  • Improves muscle growth
  • Good pre workout substitute
  • Several health benefits
  • Vitamin B Supplementation


  • Not the most well-known/trustworthy brand
  • Some low dosage ingredients are completely irrelevant

Our Scivation XTEND GO Review First look

This supplement is one of our favorites for several reasons, to begin with, it contains 7g of BCAA’s (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) following the standard 2:1:1 configuration. It’s worth noting that recently a lot of BCAA’s have been released containing only 5g’s so the fact that this one includes 7g is already a great start to this review.

The BCAA’s are also known for having a downside, which is Vitamin B depletion. However, Scivation XTEND GO takes care of your worries by adding Vitamin B to its ingredients, thus, acting as a countermeasure to the Vitamin B depletion.

Another significant aspect of this supplement is that, if you wish, it can act as a pre-workout, the reason why we say this is because caffeine has been scientifically proven to be the most essential pre-workout supplement and there’s 200g of caffeine per serving on this one. A serving of 200g is even higher than some pre-workouts boast, such as the very famous Cellucor C4 which only has 135mg of Caffeine per serving, having caffeine means that besides getting the benefits of the 7g of BCAA’s you’ll also get improved performance in the gym, we will further explain the benefits of caffeine in the ingredients section.

After this brief explanation, let’s get down to it and begin with showing you the ingredients.

Ingredients breakdown

scivation xtend go review of the ingredient list in this supplement

In this section, we will be doing a brief review of the ingredients, their benefits, their downsides while providing you with scientific studies to back it up.

Vitamin B6

As mentioned previously, the reason why Vitamin B6 is in this supplement is that BCAA’s deplete your Vitamin B thus it helps to digest Vitamin B when taking BCAA’s as a countermeasure.

Vitamin B6 provides many benefits to your health such as:

  • Better Sleep Cycles
  • Supports a healthy weight loss
  • Balances sugar levels
  • Improves the health of your bones
  • Minimizes risk of cancer
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • many more


  • When taken for over 1-2 years with a dose of 1g per day it may cause loss of control of bodily functions.
  • Some people report having allergic skin reactions.


Everyone knows Sodium right? It’s commonly found in salt and it’s generally avoided in large doses, in fact, there’s many people that avoid intaking any sort of salt and sodium because Sodium & salt are commonly told to be detrimental to your health. While it does have detrimental effects, it’s only seen when overdosing in sodium, moderate daily doses will actually help and bring you many healthy benefits.


  • Helps your muscles & nerves to function properly
  • Controls the balance in your body fluids which is important
  • Regulates volume & blood pressure


  • High blood pressure which can lead to several heart problems
  • May end up in several diseases such as cirrhosis, kidney failure or even congestive heart failure

However, these downsides are only present in very high doses of Sodium, this supplement contains only 10% of your recommended daily dose of Sodium so you do not need to worry.


Potassium is one of the most important macrominerals that your body ABSOLUTELY needs. It’s incredibly important as it helps you in almost every single way possible. Several studies show that a high daily dosage of Potassium reduces the mortality rate by 20%! That just one of the many benefits, although it’s already fortunate that this supplement contains potassium, we still recommend EVERYONE to focus on supplementing themselves with potassium. Only ~2% of the adult population intake enough daily doses of Potassium to bring the best benefits.


  • Reduces mortality rate by 20%
  • Blood Pressure reduced
  • Muscle Mass Loss Prevention when losing weight or lacking physical exercises
  • Healthy for your bones & bone density
  • Avoids the formation of the very painful & well-known kidney stones
  • Strokes risk reduced
  • Improves bone and muscle strength
  • Fatigue, weakness & constipation are common side effects of lacking Potassium in your blood so supplementing with potassium may help avoiding or improving these conditions.


  • None

Truth is that Potassium brings absolutely no side effects unless in extremely high doses. As mentioned previously, only ~2% of adults get enough Potassium (4000mg to 4700mg per day, 4700mg is ideal) as such, the likelihood of you overdosing in potassium is incredibly low.


L-Leucine is a commonly found ingredient in pretty much every single BCAA supplement on the market, the reason for this is because there’s a lot of benefits regarding bodybuilding associated with it.


  • Improves Protein Synthesis
  • Regulates Protein and Lipid Metabolism
  • Enhanced muscle gain
  • Muscle protein loss is alleviated in older adults
  • Several other health benefits


  • Decreases Vitamin B in your system


L-Glutamine brings a lot of benefits to your overall health even outside of the bodybuilding aspect of it. Thus it’s a great ingredient to be included in this supplement.


L-Glutamine doesn’t have downsides unless taken in extremely high dosage or if you’re allergic to it.


L-Isoleucine is 1 of the 3 branched chain amino acids, and just like the others it mostly promotes muscle growth & energy increase.


L-Valine doesn’t have many benefits nor downsides; the benefits are just like the other amino acids, it mostly promotes muscle growth and protein synthesis, the issue is that this one has the weakest effect out of all 3, there’s nothing worth mentioning about this ingredient.

Citrulline Malate

We mentioned that some ingredients were so underdosed that they provided no benefits. Thus they’re only there as filler; this is the one. Scivation XTEND GO contains 1g of Citrulline Malate per serving. However, 1g is such a low dose that it doesn’t provide the pump that most people who use Citrulline are looking for, nor does it help improve performance since according to scientific studies, performance has only improved when the dosage is above 6g.


As mentioned previously, this supplement can also be used as pre-workout due to having 200mg of caffeine per serving, this is great and even more than a lot of pre-workouts. Caffeine has a lot of benefits not only for bodybuilding but for your general health & lifestyle. However it also has a couple of downsides.


  • Strength output increases
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic exercises increase in performance
  • Fat oxidation
  • Improved testosterone
  • Reduces reaction time
  • Many other benefits


  • Increased blood pressure
  • May increase your anxiety


L-Theanine is another amino acid that is incredibly underrated and should be used more often in pre-workouts due to being an excellent supplement when taken alongside caffeine; it helps you increase your attention/focus and reduces stress as well as anxiety.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases focus
  • Improves sleep quality


  • Helps you relax (bad during the gym but caffeine prevents this from happening)
  • May be dangerous for people with schizophrenia symptoms


Regarding this supplement, just like most if not all BCAA’s you only need one serving, in this case, all you need is one scoop with roughly 14.3g.

Anything more is not needed and may potentially be harmful, mainly if you’re not used to caffeine since 400mg of caffeine for a person with little to no caffeine tolerance may prove to be a powerful stimulant, not only that but the other ingredients are not needed to be taken in more massive doses.

Conclusion of our Scivation XTEND GO Review

After carefully examining every ingredient and taking into account several different factors, we can safely say that this is one of the best BCAA’s out there, not only does it tackle the Vitamin B issue but it can also work as a pre-workout supplement, however, if taken with another pre-workout supplement it may prove to be too strong of a stimulant due to caffeine overload.

It does its job right, and it’s moderately cheap, mainly since it can work as a 2 in 1 supplement (BCAA and pre-workout).

The only real downside of this supplement is the fact that the brand isn’t very well known which can be an issue as we don’t know if the ingredient quantities are as advertised, nor their quality. This is the reason why we didn’t award this supplement a higher score. Otherwise, it would easily be considered one of the top BCAA’s to be taken (which it still is honestly).

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