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In this article, we will explain to you a little bit about what are the benefits & downsides of Winstrol & Testosterone cycles. Each of them will be explained individually and then we will do a brief results expectation when doing these cycles. Before we proceed, we do not promote illegal steroids as they’re harmful & as medicine advances, a lot of alternatives are slowly becoming more available, there’s even plenty of LEGAL steroids with reduced side effects which are much better alternatives, such as the ones from Crazy Bulk (Click to check them out). Lets proceed with this article.


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Testosterone is known as the “must have” in any cycle, while it isn’t necessarily true, it has become the foundation of almost all cycles used by Pro Bodybuilders & Amateur Bodybuilders. Testosterone is recommended to be used by both beginners & experienced steroid users, it has many benefits with very little downsides (besides the well-known ones that aren’t too severe when compared to many extreme steroids).

Testosterone Benefits

When you use testosterone steroids, you can expect fantastic changes not only to your body but also your mental health (in a good way), here’s a brief breakdown of the benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved heart condition, less likely to have a stroke/heart attack. (Yes you heard it right, here’s some studies: http://www.research.va.gov/currents/0815-5.cfm )
  • Decrease in body fat
  • Improves bone density
  • Spatial Memory improvements & even Alzheimer
  • Higher Libido
  • Improved Mood (you will feel VERY confident & less fatigued)

Testosterone Downsides

Unfortunately, not everything is as great as it seems, for all of these benefits there also has to be some downsides, we will be listing some of the most common side effects such as:

  • Acne & even SEVERE Acne (Common)
  • Skin Reactions (Very Likely)
  • Itching (Very Likely)
  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis (Extremely likely)
  • Diarrhea (Common)
  • Hypertension (Common)
  • Back Pain (Common)
  • Headaches (Common)
  • Aggression, Mood Swings, Insomnia (Common)
  • Balls shrink 
  • No natural testosterone production
  • You will need TRT after the end of the cycle

It’s highly unlikely you’ll experience all of these, some people don’t even experience any side effects at all, but still, be aware of them.


Winstrol is a steroid that’s growing in popularity for both male & females as it provides massive benefits in cutting down body fat. It’s generally used by Pro Bodybuilders before contests to get shredded & cut down to extremely low body fat , it can also be used in mild dosage by amateur steroid users to cut down some of their body fat at a very quick rate with barely any muscle loss.

It can be used in both, a cut or a bulk.
It’s most commonly used in a cut as it helps cut down body fat while helping with muscle retention & strength improvements, however, it can also be used in a bulk. If you’re bulking it will help keep body fat at a minimum, however, it will also make your life a whole lot harder to gain weight. We recommend you to try and maintain your weight throughout the cycle, instead of gaining weight, not only will you have increased your strength substantially but you’ll be the same weight with a whole lot less body fat. Otherwise, you can just eat like a madman and make insane gains & utilize Winstrol body fat cutting properties to its maximum(Be warned though, you will inevitably gain body fat).

Winstrol Benefits

Winstrol has many benefits as it’s a VERY POWERFUL steroid, some of them are:

  • Extremely high anabolic rating (Testosterone has a anabolic rating of 100, Winstrol has 320!)
  • Increases your vascularity
  • Increases your strength
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improves protein synthesis which actually makes it possible to gain muscle while cutting bodyfat
  • Very quick results, at the end of the cycle you can expect to look extremely different

Winstrol Downsides

As it’s a highly anabolic steroid, there’s also a lot more severe downsides when compared to testosterone, such as:

  • Acne
  • Aggression
  • Joint Pain (Very common)
  • Can damage your liver
  • A large portion of the results will be lost after the cycle (bodyfat mostly, strength & muscle loss will not be as bad)
  • Balls will shrink
  • You will need TRT
  • Insomnia
  • Baldness (If your genes say you’ll end up bald later in life, this will just make it faster, if not then you wont go bald at all)
  • Increases the BAD Cholesterol
  • Shuts down testosterone production (which can lead to DEPRESSION)

Winstrol & Test Cycle

Now that we’ve seen the benefits & downsides of each them, it’s time to talk about a cycle using both of them.

This cycle is commonly used by people looking to cut down some body fat, increase their strength & muscle mass. Winstrol alone could be used to do just that but testosterone will not only improve the results but it will also fix one of the worst downsides that Winstrol has.

Winstrol shuts down testosterone production which will VERY LIKELY lead to depression during & after the cycle (TRT), thus, by using testosterone at the same time you’ll be negating that downside & instead have mood improvements as it’s one the testosterone’s benefits.

Expected Results

It depends, on how long you’ll be on a cycle & your objective, the following result expectations are for a 10 week cycle:

  • Cutting

If your objective is cutting bodyfat then you can expect to cut 3 to 6% bodyfat while possibly gaining some muscle & gaining a lot of strength in the process.

  • Staying at Maintenance

If you followed our advice & wish to stay at maintenance or relatively close to it, you can expect to lose 1 to 3% body fat and gain 10lbs to 18Lbs of muscle.

  • Bulking

If you wish to bulk on this cycle (also a very common thing to do) you will inevitably gain some body fat, you can expect to gain 1 to 2% body fat but you’ll also gain from 20 to 30lbs of weight.

Suggestions Regarding This Cycle

Honestly, as we mentioned before, we do not suggest ANYONE to run illegal steroids, they contain too many hidden variables & possible side effects that may last for a lifetime. Legal steroids which are slowly being accepted by society & accepted in the global market are a much better option for everyone that isn’t looking to compete for Mr. Olympia. While legal steroids only provide 40 to 80% as many results as illegal steroids, they are A LOT safer, in fact, since they have already been accepted into the global market & are considered legal you can already tell just how much safer they are from the get go.

We personally suggest you try Crazy Bulk as we’ve had the best results with them, from our own experience & estimation, you can expect Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids to be about 80% as effective as illegal ones with barely any significant side effect.


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